These original desks allow parents to work with their children

Finding the right formula to combine work and life as parents can be a real challenge for millions of people around the world. And of course, the pandemic, which has forced many parents to work from home, hasn’t helped.

Fortunately, some establishments try to do everything possible to make life easier for those who have dependent children. This is particularly the case of the local library of the county of Henrico, located in the State of Virginia, in the United States.

Indeed, the public space has chosen to adapt its infrastructure to parents who go there accompanied by their children and in a short time, the idea has already won over a large number of regulars.

And for good reason, the library had the brilliant idea of ​​installing individual and secure playgrounds to accommodate children whose parents come to do research on computers.

Located in a working-class neighborhood where most low-income families are not lucky enough to have a computer at home, the establishment allows the poorest residents of the neighborhood to have easy access to the Internet.

Before the arrival of these offices equipped with specialized parks, parents were forced to keep their children on their laps, which greatly complicated their research. Today, they can keep an eye on them while freely taking advantage of the computer equipment available to them. This was made possible thanks to the work of Shannon Wray, the interior designer who imagined a wooden office with an adjoining and secure play area for babies.

Desks for parents now on the market
To move from the design to the realization of this project, to say the least original, she turned to the American furniture manufacturer TMC Furniture. The company specializing in the construction of wooden furniture was able to create the office that Shannon Wray had designed.

There is a workspace in vinyl wood and a playground that houses a mirror, interactive games and integrated modules, in short, something to keep the children busy while mom or dad works.

The success of this operation gave ideas to TMC Furniture, which has since decided to market two models of desks with integrated playpens, so as to meet the needs of all customers. Are you interested in your home? Do not hesitate to visit the official website of the manufacturer to find out more and know the prices.

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