The homeless man returned the lost handbag to the woman and in gratitude she decided to turn his life around

A homeless man was looking for a girl who lost her purse several days in a row.

The bag contained an expensive phone, cash and documents. But the man made everything safe and sound.

As a thank you, the girl decided to completely change the life of a hopeless homeless person, and she succeeded.

Daisy Owen, 20, lost her purse in one of the late night bars.

The girl was upset – a decent amount of money remained in the wallet, and in one of the compartments there was an iPhone of the latest model.

Daisy returned to the bar in the morning and posted a missing handbag notice on nearby streets.

She was not counting on success, but two days later a man called her and told her he was ready to return the scholarship.

Daisy arrived at the meeting and was surprised to see a homeless man in front of her, who clearly wouldn’t mind the money in the bag.

“I am an honest man, although I am homeless. I never took anyone else’s stuff, so I decided to return the bag,” Paul Calderbank later said.

Daisy didn’t think long about how to thank the honest man.

She shared a story online and created a GoFundMe page where she started a fundraiser for a homeless person.

A few days later, people from all over the country sent him about 6,000 books.

Daisy gave all the money to Paul. He rented an apartment and quickly found a job. The girl completely changed her life.

It seems that good deeds pay. At least in this case.

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