Aliens will arrive on Earth in 2023, according to one in ten French people

According to a recent survey carried out by Ipsos, one in 10 French people believe in the imminent arrival of extraterrestrials on Earth.

Since the beginning of February, the US military has shot down four unidentified flying objects that were flying over the North American continent. One of these objects was a Chinese balloon but for the moment, the Pentagon does not know the nature of the other three UFOs. These curious objects have revived theories about a potential extraterrestrial visit to Earth.

At the end of 2022, Ipsos carried out a global survey on the subject, in 36 different countries. In total, more than 24 million people were interviewed and took part in the survey. According to the survey results, many people believe that aliens could arrive on Earth in the near future.

One in 10 French people believe in the arrival of extraterrestrials
Indeed, 43% of the Indians questioned and 24% of the Chinese believe in this idea, against 10% of the British and 12% of the French, i.e. one in 10 French people. Those who believe the least in this theory are the inhabitants of Japan, Belgium and Poland.

A second question was posed to the panel of individuals questioned, on the date on which these extraterrestrials could arrive on Earth . 18% of those polled, including 21% in Mexico, believe it is likely that aliens will arrive on Earth in 2023.

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