This stray dog ​​needed cuddles and love and wanted to be adopted like all dogs around the world

In cities, we often see stray dogs and cats, hungry, thirsty, destitute and exhausted.

People can dispose of them as boring toys.

If a dog is sick or old, he is kicked out of the house and thrown away like in a garbage can.

People pass in front of them, they see them unhappy, but they are busy with their daily responsibilities.

There are people who feed the hungry, who worry about their lives, but the problem of stray animals is still present in society.

There are some who are even willing to harm them, calling them a threat.

The inhabitants of a city learned that a dog had fallen into a canal and he was living there without eating.

It was some kind of trap he couldn’t get rid of. So he was starving.

A group of volunteers went down to the river channel to feed the dog.

They stroked it and gave it to eat. It was a joy for the poor animal to be treated so well in this deplorable situation.

He no longer expected the kindness of men.

Rescuers removed the animal from the trap and took it to a shelter.

He was named Félicité and he was cared for by the shelter staff.

Currently, they have found an owner for Félicité. The dog is well treated, fed and loved by his masters.

This is how can change the lives of suffering dogs who meet kind-hearted people.

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