Incredible: Groom shows a shocking video by interrupting the priest during the wedding

Absolutely, weddings and celebrations are indeed joyous occasions that we share exclusively with our loved ones – the dearest people in our lives.

Indeed, it’s the celebration of a special bond that’s meant to spiritually unite two individuals and sanctify their love for their entire lives. Unfortunately, not all weddings unfold as we envision them. People can change, and certain emotions may fade away until they vanish. In short, not everyone is destined to be together forever. However, what happened in the story we are about to tell you is somewhat paradoxical.

A young couple was about to get married, and everything was more than ready.

In the wedding video, likely recorded by one of the guests, you can see the fateful moment when the priest asks both parties to confirm their intent to marry. To do this, as is customary in many ceremonies, the priest asked if anyone knew a reason why the two young people should not be married. A classic ritual question, usually followed by a surprised silence.

This time was no exception to the rule: none of the guests spoke up or seemed inclined to do so. We’re talking about the guests.

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