Brigitte Macron: Jean-Michel Trogneux and the rumors concerning him

There are wild rumors about Brigitte Macron. According to these rumors, the First Lady is actually a man. It’s Jean-Michel Trogneux. We will tell you more. While Jean-Michel Trogneux is known as Brigitte Macron’s brother, the rumor suggests that he is actually the First Lady.

According to the rumor’s originator, Brigitte Macron would have undergone a sex change. The wife of Emmanuel Macron, the French president, responded immediately. Brigitte Macron is a subject of ongoing discussion in the media, and her family, like her, has been the focus of numerous comments in recent years.

For instance, this is the case with her brother, Jean-Michel Trogneux. Natacha Rey is also convinced that Jean-Michel Trogneux is none other than Brigitte Macron. According to her, the First Lady’s brother disappeared a few years ago for some reason, even though he is still alive.

Of course, these “rumors” about her haven’t left Brigitte Macron without a reaction. The wife of the president of the Republic filed a complaint against two individuals who claim to be transgender but are actually Jean-Michel Trogneux.

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