A 4-week-old baby has a “deep” but almost amusing conversation with his mother

Having a baby at home is a real event, especially when it’s a newborn!

They are loud, messy, sleepy and vulnerable and do you know who is responsible for taking care of all these things?

You! Despite all the difficulties associated with a child, no sane parent can ever regret it. A parent can’t help but love these little bodies with all their heart!

But inevitably, these children grow up.

It’s not quick, but it happens whether you like it or not. Fortunately, there can also be joy in the process of growth.

Every parent knows how much fun it is to track their child’s developmental milestones and track their growth!

» Oh, your baby still isn’t cooing? Mine did it at 2 months. Even though we can’t admit that we’re proud of our baby’s developmental milestones, we can’t help but feel a little when we reach a new one! »

Reaching a milestone before everyone else is usually cause for celebration! Hey, how about a little parenting competition, eh?

Four-week-old Bentley had just woken up and his parents decided they wanted to take some quality pictures of him.

We can’t blame them, it’s adorable! But they didn’t expect to capture anything surprising on camera.
While they are filming it, the mother starts making baby noises.

Regardless of age, making baby noises and talking “baby” is an essential part of the process. That’s exactly what Bentley’s mom starts doing and the baby’s reaction is incredible!

Remember, Bentley is only a month old!

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