An autistic boy sang a Michael Jackson classic and cried in front of the judges’ reaction.

There are many talent contests that offer a wide range of performances. Some of them can leave the audience speechless for a long time. That’s exactly what happened with the performance of 10-year-old Colum Courtney.

The boy suffers from autism and therefore faces significant challenges in communication and forming friendships. Thanks to his performance, however, he managed to connect well with the audience.

He doesn’t care whether one person or a hundred are listening. And he will continue to sing because he loves it so much. After the boy went on stage, the judges asked him if he was nervous. Colum appeared very excited, but calmly replied that he wasn’t.

During the performance, Colum’s family and some of his friends were present in the audience to support him. Everyone reacted with a lot of emotion at the beginning of the show.

At that moment, the child can no longer hold back and bursts into tears. His younger brother immediately came to his aid and ran onto the stage to hug the singer.

Everyone was deeply moved by this event.

The special judge Simon Cowell was also pleased with his comments. He noted that Colum not only has a unique voice but also a very soulful performance. He also added that he really loves the sound of his voice and the way he owns it.

At the end, Simon told the boy that his performance was very good and that he had truly enjoyed it.

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