She is only 23 years old, already has 11 children and has not yet reached her goal

Having many children is an invaluable gift, but also a very difficult challenge: having so many children creates an atmosphere of joy in the family, but it also requires responsibility, commitment and sacrifice.

The story we are going to tell you is a perfect example of «big family», even if it is a bit atypical.
Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-old Russian girl, lives in Batumi (Georgia) with her husband Galip Ozturk, a wealthy hotel chain owner. The couple is well known on Instagram and claims to have a large family of 11 children. So far, the couple has had 10 children through surrogacy and only one child was conceived naturally by Christina.

The couple said they enjoyed their family and loved their children so much that they could even have up to 100 children. Despite this exaggerated figure, the couple said they would continue to try to have many more children, without necessarily reaching the record number, because they think there is a time for everything.

The mother revealed that each child she conceived through surrogacy cost her 8,000 euros. The couple explained that the clinic selects surrogates and manages the whole process, which means that the couple does not have direct contact with the mothers in order to avoid any further problems.

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