The emotional reaction of the public when Lewis Capaldi interrupts his concert because of Tourette’s syndrome

Lewis Capaldi was once again disturbed by his illness in full stage performance.

The image is as beautiful as it is moving.

Victim of a crisis in the middle of a concert, the Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi, who suffers from Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, was able to count on the support of the public , to finish a piece that he could no longer sing.

The scene took place this weekend during the very prestigious British Glastonbury festival in Pilton, in Somerset, in the south-west of England.

Lewis Capaldi again supported by his public after suffering a crisis in the middle of a concert
While he had so far performed without a hitch, the native of Glasgow suddenly started to shake and then, it seems, lost his vocal abilities when singing his latest song, entitled “Someone You Loved”.

Unable to continue because of his symptoms, he then addressed the public.

” Glastonbury, I’m so sorry. I’m a little mad at myself. I really apologize. You all came and my voice is really struggling , ”he then launched, looking haggard.

The audience then came to his aid by finishing the song a cappella and at full throttle.

” Glastonbury, thank you very much,” the pop star said as she finished her concert. If I can never do that again, it was incredible ”, at the end of this sequence which has already been around the world.

As a reminder, Lewis Capaldi, 26, revealed in September 2022 that he had Tourette syndrome. This pathology, which makes his daily life difficult, also disrupts his concerts when he is subject to seizures, as was the case this weekend at Glastonbury or again on February 21 during a concert in Germany . The situation is such for the singer that he is seriously considering ending his career if his illness gets worse.

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