She was swollen like a balloon”: On the eve of her 65th birthday, Madonna was filmed walking around the city of New York.”

“More recently, Madonna raised concerns among all her admirers by being admitted to the hospital due to a severe bacterial infection.”

Fortunately, healthcare professionals were able to quickly stabilize the condition of this pop icon, and she is now almost back to her usual self, returning to her former self. Although the planned world tour had to be postponed for a while, Madonna is already interacting with her fans on social media and leaving her home.”

“Recently, paparazzi managed to capture the star during a walk. However, in the current snapshots, even her fans had difficulty recognizing her. Her face appears pale, although it is concealed behind large black sunglasses, and her figure seems somewhat bloated. “She is swollen like a sphere,” fans marveled.”

However, the responsibility does not solely lie with the illness but also with the pop icon’s eternal passion for the pursuit of youth. On her social media, she has retouched her photographs to attain the appearance of a plastic doll – in reality, Madonna bears little resemblance to these images. This applies not only to her face but also to her supposedly perfectly slim figure – unfortunately, only in photographic appearance.”

Furthermore, the star exhibits an excessive interest in fillers and cosmetic injections. This trend leads to swelling. Madonna doesn’t hesitate to undergo plastic surgery procedures, but the results are not always successful.”
As for her, various surgical procedures have been performed, including eyelid lift surgery, cheek and lip volume augmentation, wrinkle reduction through botulinum toxin injections, and the star has also undergone a mid-face lift. She has adopted a lip shape called ‘Russian lips.’ Madonna’s surgeries have not been particularly successful, and furthermore, the celebrity has undergone a large number of aesthetic modifications. The abundance of filler injections into the skin has resulted in a visibly swollen face,” commented the expert.
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