Her childhood dream came true at the age of 104

Each of us can have a wish from our childhood.

This elderly woman called Bertha Komor lived in a nursing home. She was 104 years old and since childhood she dreamed of seeing and petting a penguin.

It was always her desire, but she failed to achieve.

The woman lived in Connecticut, and penguins live in cold regions of our planet, on the shores of frigid seas and oceans, among icebergs.

And for years, the old woman’s wish became her ultimate dream.

Organizations dealing with the fulfillment of different wishes try to do everything possible to satisfy the wishes of any people.

So the community of retirees and the staff of the hospice decided to contact an organization that grants the wishes of different people even in the terminal phase.

Representatives of the organization promised to find and bring a penguin to fulfill Bertha’s childhood wish.

They contacted another organization, Mystic Aquarium which had penguins in their facility which are admired by visitors to the aquarium.

So the staff at the facility decided to arrange a penguin encounter with the elderly woman. This magnificent creature was called Red Green. The penguin was cute and pretty.

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