She dances so well that my eyes automatically stop noticing her missing leg

The rise of reality TV shows over the past decade has allowed viewers to discover exceptional new talent. This montage of contestants features artists with disabilities who have shocked the world with their talent.

Kaur takes the stage with crutches to support her. She only has one leg and tells the judges that she is going to dance. Judges and audience can’t believe how fantastic she is as a dancer.

Dressed in a bright pink top and a short green ghagra (skirt), Subhreet Kaur Ghumman begins to dance. She performed on one leg and stunned everyone, including the judges. She received a standing ovation and a green signal to advance to the next round.

Her broad smile, terrific dance moves, and desire to live her life as she pleases captured all of our hearts. She was the runner-up in this life-changing season. She became a dance sensation and went on to appear on other reality shows.

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