This dog and this goat, who became inseparable best friends, were adopted together

In the United States, a dog and a goat have grown together to the point of being best friends. Rescued by a shelter, they managed to get adopted together so as not to break their friendship.

Friendships between two animals that have, a priori, nothing in common, are not legion but it can exist. And it’s not Cinnamon and Felix who are going to prove us wrong.

Cinnamon is a brown goat while Felix is ​​a white and black American pit bull terrier. On March 13, the Wake County Animal Center shelter (North Carolina) recovered the two animals when their owner could no longer take care of them. And they soon realized that the two were inseparable.

Indeed, they do everything together: they eat, sleep and constantly play together. Much to the shelter’s surprise but seemingly natural, according to the shelter’s director in a press release: “Goats are social animals, like dogs and when they’ve been together it’s finally normal to see them become friends” .

So the shelter decided to keep them together and put them both up for adoption, so as not to separate them. The goat seemed, indeed, very upset when Felix was separated from her: “She was bleating and calling the dog. She was so stressed and frantic that we realized this pair had to stay together . ”

On social media, Cinnamon and Felix’s friendship story obviously went viral when the shelter posted an announcement detailing their friendship. They absolutely had to find a home that would welcome them both.

Eventually, the perfect home was found, in Johnston County. A family that owns a small goat herd, perfect for Cinnamon, and who had adopted other dogs before.

Their new mother, Jacqui Bankes, did not fail to send a word of thanks to the shelter: “We are so blessed to be able to adopt Felix and Cinnamon! We can’t wait to have them both and integrate them with our other goats and dogs . ” A friendship gone to last!

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