This 40-year-old man Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs: he is the father of 4 children

He is a true living legend, an example of the firmness of the human soul.

This popular 40-year-old man, Nick Vujicic was born with the very rare syndrome which is characterized by the absence of all four limbs.

So we don’t have arms or legs.

This superb man, without arms and legs, fought firmly for his life and was able to find happiness in his private life and in his businesses.

His efforts to overcome life’s obstacles knew no bounds. Now Nick Vujicic is one of Australia’s great speakers.

His incredible handicap could not capture and incapacitate him, but on the contrary, it tempered his will.

This man of God and preacher is loved and esteemed by millions around the world.

He founded and directs a non-profit association called Life without limbs, which in French means a life without limbs.

The purpose of this organization is very philanthropic. “You have to break down the barriers between people and bring them to the love of Jesus Christ,” says Nick.

And this world famous man was able to overcome his disability and continue to work, serving as an example for others.

He has a wonderful family. He adores his wife and four children.

Nick loves life and tries to sow seeds of hope in the hearts of those who are desperate and have lost the meaning of their lives.

And he wants to fill it with his heroic example.

Many people admire the pictures of Nick’s beautiful family and wish him good luck and happiness.

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