Gard: gendarmes arrest a camel on a road

A surreal scene occurred this Friday, March 24 in the Gard: gendarmes arrested a camel on a… departmental road! The animal had managed to escape from its enclosure.

The morning this Friday March 24 reserved a big surprise for the gendarmes of Gard , in the town of Beauvoisin. Indeed, the latter arrested a camel on a secondary road, reports 20 Minutes.

As the daily news reports, the gendarmes were dispatched to the scene to secure the motorists and the animal with beige coat, which had managed to escape from its enclosure.

The camel did not want to come home
Without real surprise, the mammal did not want to shorten its walk, thus putting an end to its parenthesis of freedom. The soldiers of the community of brigades of Vauvert tried to lure the camelid to the side, without success.

Despite the animal’s refusal to comply, the police managed to catch it. Once this step was completed, the camel was returned to its owner. One thing is certain: the gendarmes will never forget this moment.

“ What a circus! This morning, in the town of Beauvoisin, the soldiers of the community of brigades of Vauvert were able to measure live, during a funny encounter, the effects of global warming”, indicated the gendarmerie of Gard on its Facebook page.

Before adding: “ The intervention for which they were asked indeed consisted in putting in safety not a strange zebra, but another mammal not very customary in our latitudes. As a reminder: 2 bumps = 2 camel syllables ”.

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