A little girl’s spontaneous Irish dance seen 5.8 million times

There are several forms of street dancing around the world. For shoppers and passers-by on the street, this improvised dance is the best entertainment. Moreover, people love to take a break and enjoy these dance performances. Many streets in Ireland host these street dance performances. Recently, one of these dances got a lot of attention because of a toddler’s performance.

The event happened on Galway Street, in the west of the country. Usually, it is the dancers who make sure their audience is entertained.  Emma O’Sullivan spotted two-year-old Georgia in her pretty pink jumper, trying to mimic her Irish dance moves.
The bustling street had several passers-by, and her skilful dance moves drew a huge crowd.

Everyone was busy enjoying the energetic Irish dancing performance of a beautifully dressed girl in a turquoise green short dress. The skilled performer danced to upbeat Irish music.
The young dancer was delighted with the performance of the little girl, creatively invited Georgia into the limelight and danced with the adorable toddler. Emma enjoyed the little girl’s company.

She was laughing continuously and enjoying the pretty moves of the little Irish dancer. It was one of the best times for everyone who was a part of it. Both the toddler and the dancer enjoyed their performance, and the audience was no doubt entertained.

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