“It’s a bit insulting”: he asks for a vegan meal in business class, the crew serves him a… banana

A vegan man recently expressed his incomprehension after being given a simple banana for breakfast on a plane. Details.

Having an ultra-restrictive diet is difficult to reconcile with current consumption patterns.

And if improvements are visible on several levels, people who have banned certain foods out of conviction are still confronted with the lack of inclusiveness in the tertiary sector, starting with vegans.

A certain Kris Chari can testify to this.

This passenger on a Japan Airlines flight recently shared the unpleasant experience he had on board a plane from Jakarta (Indonesia) to Tokyo ( Japan ).

He asks for a vegan snack on a plane and only gets a banana
During this flight lasting 7 hours, he could, like all passengers, enjoy a snack, served shortly after take-off, then a full lunch.

Having informed the crew that he was vegan, he thought he could benefit from an alternative solution for the snack, while the other passengers had the choice between several dishes.

“Instead, I was served a single banana,” he lamented on the flyertalk.com blog.

“It’s a bit insulting to be served a simple banana when others are entitled to a much more substantial and tasty menu. It seems important to me given the growing number of vegans and vegetarians,” he added.

Kris Chari then received a dish of “ barely seasoned spaghetti ” for lunch. A meal that clearly did not satisfy him.

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