She is only 9 years old and she has ALREADY captured the HEARTS of millions! Beautiful voice, no words!

We will now show you a performance that took place during the famous music competition “Britain’s Got Talent”.

A 9-year-old girl took the stage and left the judges speechless with her voice!

They hadn’t heard such an incredible performance for a long time!

Impressive! Cheer!

Angelica Hale, 9, from Atlanta, has become the new star of the American talent show. The girl impressed the judges and spectators in the hall with her unique voice, very similar to the voice of Whitney Houston.

The video of his performance on YouTube was viewed by nearly 3 million people in a few days.

Angelica Hale captivated audiences not only with her singing but also with her interesting life story. During her nine years, the girl had to deal with pneumonia, after the treatment of which the baby’s kidney failed.

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