The baby loves their recently adopted dog and always falls asleep with his adorable friend

It’s an incredibly beautiful story. It is about the friendship of the dog Jiro and the baby Pepe.

Jiro was a shepherd without a family and wandered the streets of the city. The poor animal found its food in the garbage cans, but was almost always hungry.

One day, the little boy Pépé was walking in the garden with his mother Nadine.

The child was playing sitting on the grass when he saw a dog passing by. He approached the baby as if to play with him.

Seeing the dog approaching, the mother quickly rushed towards the child.

But the dog looked so friendly that the mother smiled as she stroked the animal.

When they got home, the dog followed them.

His eyes were so gentle that Nadine regretted parting with the animal.

She took the dog home. And if her husband would agree, surely they would adopt her.

The dog was lucky because the father of the Yves family also accepted him and we named him Jiro so that the baby could easily pronounce his name.

Today, the dog Jiro lives with his family.

Grandpa loves his dog who refuses to get out of bed so that the little one can sleep peacefully.

The child kisses his dog lying next to him and falls into a peaceful sleep.

Grandpa’s parents notice how lovingly Jiro looks at the baby.

And of course they film and take pictures of all those sweet moments so the whole world can see this wonderful friendship of child and dog.

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