At just 18, this Briton is the UK’s youngest bus driver and drives with his dad

At just 18 years old, this Englishman has become the youngest bus driver in the United Kingdom. He now works with his father, a driver for 20 years, who inspired him in his decision.

Make no mistake about it, the young Luke Brown is indeed a bus driver in Coventry, in the county of the West Midlands, in England . The young man entered this profession out of a passion for driving and thanks to his father, who inspired him.

After obtaining his B license, Luke trained for the passenger carrying vehicle license which he obtained on the first try.

“ I’m looking forward to spending more time on the road, helping more people get around and working alongside my dad, who’s been with the garage for 20 years. Although now there is a bit of competition between me and dad as to who is the better pilot! jokes the young man.

Luke, 18, a “major asset to the garage”

Luke Brown says that his young age did not slow him down in his training. “ Having a support team around me helped me a lot. During my training, no questions were too silly and my instructor was calm and informative, so I didn’t feel pressured at all, which I think really boosted my development,” Luke continues lucidly .

Darren Dunbar, his trainer, says he is impressed by the seriousness and work of Luke who succeeded, without fail, where many fail. “ Each year, we have hundreds of drivers who start training, among them only two or three pass their test without fail. I’m really happy for him, he’s a lovely guy and a major asset to the garage , ”rejoiced his trainer.

It remains only to know which of the dad or Luke is the best driver.

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