A dog on the brink begs passersby to give her a second chance

She was wandering around an abandoned house in the company of another dog. The quadruped will have to be patient to taste the joys of indoor life. Fortunately, his efforts will bear fruit.

Direction Mexico to discover the story of Mama Wild, a black dog in need, as reported by The Dodo. The fluffy ball wandered around a house in the country and seemed particularly affected by the sad fate that befell it.

Mama Wild only wanted one thing: to find a loving family that would allow her to live in peace. His wish will be granted when a Good Samaritan named Lauren Botticelli stops on his way, and decides to help him.

Taken to a veterinarian, Mama Wild will quickly reveal why the help she needed was so strong: she was pregnant with 5 puppies! The mother-to-be could be reassured, because she was now sure to welcome her little ones in optimal conditions, at Lauren’s.

The female dog gave birth to 2 little females shortly after her arrival. Lauren remembers a “loving” mother, whose favorite activity was “to take care of her offspring”.

Once they are 8 weeks old, the puppies will be offered for adoption, just like their mother. The little family will be able to start off on a good footing, and Mama Wild will no longer have to worry about its survival in the wild.

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