The mannequin, which weighs approximately 100 kilograms, splashes around in the pool in new images

The model Tess Holliday, 37 years old, is overweight.

The updates from the American diva are followed by nearly 2 million Instagram users. The lovely American recently showed how much she appreciated a well-deserved vacation. Tess’s video of herself in the pool has sparked controversy.

Not all internet users share the tolerant stance of Holliday’s fans. “She has expanded even more,” “Tess, think about your son,” “You have a little heir,” “Tess, it’s time to become smart,”

“Your face is so pretty,” “Why are you doing this to yourself, dear?” “It would be very beautiful,” “The facial features are stunning, but the shape leaves something to be desired,” “Poor woman,” “Can’t nutritionists help this beauty? Tess is the world’s biggest model. You can’t look at these images without feeling guilty.”

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