Mummified shark, desiccated octopus and squid found in abandoned aquarium in Spain

A Frenchwoman, follower of urbex, made an astonishing discovery in an abandoned aquarium in Spain. Many mummified animals and rotting molluscs still haunt the place.

The term “urbex” is the English contraction of ” urban exploration ” (” urban exploration ” in French) and refers to the exploration of abandoned buildings and other infrastructure, usually illegally, in order to discover places in ruins, while invoking a certain heavy atmosphere, to Internet users. Also, in order to perpetuate the memory of the place, according to the ‘explorers’.

Increasingly common, the passion for urbex is shared on social networks, via short videos, by apprentice explorers. In their short films, they show the discoveries, sometimes surprising, of places visited.

Speaking of amazing discovery, that’s exactly what happened to a Frenchwoman and her comrades. Without ever mentioning the precise location of the place to avoid further intrusions, the explorer and her comrades infiltrated an abandoned aquarium .

In an 18-minute video posted on Juj’ Urbex’s Youtube account (which already has 719,000 views), then in snippets on his Tik Tok account , we discover a dilapidated place. Armed with a flashlight and their camera, the explorers immortalize their discovery. The remains of mummified dead animals in boxes or jars are scattered throughout the abandoned aquarium. A surprising spectacle that shows that animals that have been dead for a while are, despite everything, superbly well preserved.

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