134 cm of eternal beauty: the motivational story of the life of the smallest model on the planet

Meet Asta Young, a cute girl from Hong Kong. The height of this cute “thumb” is only 134 cm.

Even when Asta was in school, she had a lot of trouble because of the rudeness of her classmates.

As you know, children and teenagers are often cruel and Asta has often been mocked by his peers because of his short stature.

In the end, the girl began to avoid communication with other children and withdrew into herself.

Years passed, Asta finished school and found a job, but remained the same withdrawn.

It seemed to her that she was thus protected from offensive words and negative attitudes.

But one day the girl nevertheless decided to try to change her way of life and her attitude to the world.

It is not known what caused this. Perhaps the stimulus was Asta’s old dream – to cosplay.

And the girl decided to bring it to life. Her vibrant images have been a huge hit online.

Gradually, the girl was able to “come out of her shell”, became more open and made many friends.

Now Asta Young lives in the United States with her husband, who simply adores his small and fragile wife. And, by the way, he shares his love for cosplay.

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