Shepherd puppy cries every night clutching toy he was brought to shelter with

Often after dogs have been abandoned by their owners, the animals withdraw and feel their emotions without making emotional contact with anyone.

A German Shepherd named Jordi loved his owners, his home. The dog was active and cheerful, he enjoyed his life.

When Geordie was two months old, the family decided they didn’t need a puppy and took him to a shelter. Along with the animal, people brought him a blanket and toys at the shelter. The owners decided to get rid of everything related to their pet.

Once at the shelter, the animals are sad, it is difficult for them to understand why people have abandoned them, deprived them of love and homes. It is difficult for pets to get used to the rules and regulations of the shelter, to understand that the attention of a few workers does not belong only to them.

Georgie too. The first day the dog didn’t eat, he barely tasted the water and forced himself to survive on a grain of food.

The dog almost does not come out of his kennel, and in his sleep he cries bitterly. Puppies his age are generally playful and active, but Geordie prefers to lie down and stare at one point. Maybe he wonders why people decided to abandon him.

It is important for Jordi to quickly find a new home and owners, because his psychological state can affect his health.

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