A retiree decides to spend the rest of his life in a hotel because it is cheaper than a retirement home

Enjoy your retirement at a lower cost. This is the objective of this Texan who did not fail to use his ingenuity to ensure unbeatable benefits and services. Aged 64, he explains in a post on social networks that he has made all the necessary calculations for stays at affordable prices and which would also offer him numerous advantages. For a happy retirement, Terry Robinson found the solution: book a room in a hotel and more precisely, in a Holiday Inn. The sixty-year-old is serious in his approach.

After doing his accounts, he explains on Facebook that instead of spending $188 daily in a retirement home, he would only pay $60 in the hotel establishment, or less than half the costs. His tip? Combine long-stay offers and discounts for seniors including breakfast, or even “happy hours”, i.e. aperitif hours where prices are lower than average. “No medical residence for us, we are going to reserve a room in a Holiday Inn,” he revealed in the message published on the social network.

By opting for this choice, the retiree will have an additional budget of $128 for other expenses, including laundry services and meals. In addition to having access to a hotel room, Terry Robinson will be able to take advantage of the swimming pool, a weight room and the sauna at the Holiday Inn.

Another advantage is that the man will have at his disposal numerous everyday products such as shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste and even the razor. In addition, his room will be cleaned regularly thanks to the hotel service. “By tipping five dollars a day, you will have a whole team ready to help you, who will treat you like a customer and not like a patient,” he explained.

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