31-year-old man fell in love with 91-year-old grandmother and now wants to marry her

In the 21st century, well, there are a lot of stories about unequal marriage. But sometimes there are some that seem absurd. And so, a young man named Kyle Johnson was born and lived in an ordinary family, he had no problems with his parents. Everyone was always interested in him, he was loved.

At first, he fell in love at the age of 18, his lover was then 50 years old. According to the guy, he has always been interested in mature women. The ages of her lovers ranged from 60 to 80 years old. But he truly fell head over heels in love when he met Marjorie McCool.

She is 91 years old, she was married, but divorced at 37, her husband left her with 6 children. After being disappointed by men and being alone for a very long time, until she met Kyle. She admits that such relationships were taboo for her, but he changed everything in her life, and the guy also does not see any obstacles to true love.

Kyle’s family doesn’t care about his choice. Now they are thinking of getting married. They do not hide their relationship, which surprises the public.

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