Frozen by the cold, a wild goose is saved from death in extremis by a good Samaritan

Some time ago, a man saved the life of a wild goose by giving it warm shelter. Trapped in a snowstorm and paralyzed by the cold, the bird was unable to fly.

A man from southern Kurdistan rescued a wild goose. Inert, the bird was lying on a pile of frozen snow, paralyzed by the polar cold. Miraculously, the bird was still breathing when its rescuer approached it.

He warms the goose with a hair dryer
Faced with this situation, the passerby decided to take the poor frozen animal home before warming it up with the help of a hair dryer. And the least we can say is that this technique has paid off. In one video, the goose is seen moving its head and legs as the heat spreads over the body.

“My only goal is for every individual who sees this to realize their responsibility to animals ,” the man explains in the recording. “My intention is to arouse emotions, sympathy and compassion in certain people who harm animals and birds” .

At present, the bird is doing wonderfully thanks to the good care of its host. He is able to stand up and move around on his own. According to the owner of the premises, the creature is “full of life and effervescence”.

The little goose still needs to regain its strength before being released back into the wild, where it will face the harsh winter conditions. To do this, she eats and rests. One thing is certain: the latter could have lost her life if she had not been found in time.

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