Guy Marchand, left by his young wife Adelina, lives alone in his house with his son taking care of him

On May 22, 2022, Guy Marchand celebrated his 85th birthday. Legendary actor of his generation, he is now alone after his wife has decided to start a new life. Find out more about the actor’s life.

Guy Marchand spun perfect love with a certain Adelina until she decided to leave him. Fortunately, the actor was able to count on the support of his son, who returned to live with his dad to help him in his daily life.


Actor, but also musician, Guy Marchand needs no introduction. It is mainly thanks to his role in the famous fiction “Nestor Bruma”, that the actor achieved a certain notoriety in cinema.

But if he is known for his professional career, he also stands out for his passion for women. Guy Marchand fell in love more than once and Adelina is one of those who marked his life forever.

The actor had met this beautiful Siberian, 40 years his junior, several years ago and quickly fell under her spell. They then got together despite their age difference and subsequently decided to move up a gear. The actor was, in fact, married to the beautiful brunette in 2006.

However, despite their union, the couple did not live under the same roof since, at the time, Adelina was going back and forth between Berlin, France and Russia. A situation that does not seem to bother the actor, according to his words.

“She is not going to live every day with an old man! And I see myself as a bachelor in love: I find my wife, and each time I court her again”, he confided about it.

But if Guy Marchand seemed fulfilled alongside the young woman, she ended up leaving the actor years later.


While spinning the perfect love alongside Guy Marchand, Adelina one day decided to leave and leave the actor alone. However, despite this separation, the couple never signed the divorce papers and even stayed in touch, although the brunette beauty rebuilt her life.

Indeed, if Adelina decided to leave her husband, it was to live in Berlin, Germany, where she met other men. The model even had children that Guy seems to appreciate a lot.

“She has the right to something else, I adore her children… Me, I couldn’t do it to her”, he said.

Despite this separation, Guy Marchand still has so much affection for his wife, according to his words to Gala.

“When I pick her up at the station, I watch her come towards me. She hugs me against her, as if it were the first day. It’s unbelievable. It is until death between us”, 3he says.

The actor and his wife, who live far from each other, call each other often and spend time together when they have the opportunity. And if the actor is aware that his wife “is no longer his”, there is no question that he will remarry again.

“Because it’s the only one I love”, he declared.

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