A policeman spots a dog in the middle of a rush hour road and springs into action to save him

A lost dog narrowly avoided the worst thanks to the help of a police officer who spotted him on a busy road. By rescuing the animal, the man saved its life and allowed him to reunite with his family.

A dog survived its involuntary trip in the middle of a fast lane in extremis and was even returned to his owners shortly afterwards. He owes it to the hero of the day, a police officer named Shane Currey, who reported the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation on its Facebook page.

In a video posted on September 30 by this New York State agency responsible for managing its environmental resources, its officer returned to his life-saving intervention.

Everything took place on Thursday, September 8. We were then in the middle of rush hour on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, which connects the New York boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Officer Shane Currey, who lives in Staten Island, had just finished his shift and was returning home via the suspension bridge, when he saw the dog running between the tracks. The quadruped was clearly disoriented and at risk of being hit by a car at any moment.

The policeman immediately activated his hazard lights, then stopped at the level of the canine. He then jumped over a barrier, putting himself in danger. In front, the driver of a van had also just parked to try to rescue the dog. Officer Currey eventually managed to catch the animal by its leash, which it was still dragging.

After giving him first aid, including injuries to his paws, he took him to the nearest veterinary clinic. This is where the dog’s identification chip was detected. We were then able to contact his owners, who came to pick him up shortly after.

The dog’s name is Teddy. His handlers explained that he had escaped on a walk and that they were looking for him everywhere.


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