This pig does not live on a farm but in an apartment with its owners and grows day by day

There are people who live with dogs, cats, even bears. But can you imagine living with a pig in the same apartment?

Really it exists, there are people who have adopted a pig that lives with them in the same house.

In South America lives a family who bought a piglet three years ago and kept it at home.

When we bought it, the salesman told them that the pig would only reach two feet.

But the animal grew and became a huge pig.

They couldn’t imagine that the pig was going to get so big.

Currently, the animal weighs two hundred and ten kilograms, and its height is one and a half meters. His name is Bobby and he’s a pretty well-behaved pig.

It looks like a pig living on a real farm. But he’s not a dirty pig at all, on the other hand, he’s very clean, with neat nails.

And despite its size and weight, it continues to live with its owners, in the same house.

Bobby has a regular schedule: lunch, walk, shower.

It is still loved and cared for by its owners. Likewise, Bobby loves his adoptive family, especially the mother of the family.

The neighbors also like the pig and sometimes come to visit it.

Everyone admires his photos published by his owners in his special page on Facebook.

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