He graduated and dedicated his success to his mother, a cabinetmaker: «She never let me miss anything, not even a pencil»










Completing graduate school with honors is an important step in a person’s life but, while it may seem like an easily attainable goal in our time, not everyone does. The young Lorenzo Menezes is 22 years old and has just obtained a diploma in administration: a common accomplishment in the life of a young person, but which had a much more special meaning for the boy. His family made many sacrifices to allow him to study and graduate, which is why Lorenzo shared a touching dedication on social media in honor of his mother, Edvan Bacelar da Silva

Ms Edvan Bacelar da Silva – “Netinha”, the name under which she is known in Conceição do Coité, Bahia, Brazil – works as a cabinetmaker and has not been able to receive a full education: She dropped out of primary school and has always had to fight to ensure that her children have everything they need. According to young Lorenzo, this woman has always made sure that he and his two siblings, Rayssa, 20, and Paulo Ricardo, 13, have everything they need: «When I was little, this woman never made me miss anything, not even a pencil, an eraser, a notebook to study, or a hot meal on the table,» he said.

Every year, her mother hurried to enroll her children in school and buy school supplies and uniforms. Lorenzo has always studied in public schools and was encouraged by his professors to enroll in university. He was accepted with a scholarship that covered 100% of the costs, at the Faculty of Administration of Anísio Teixeira University, two hours from home.

His mother’s sacrifices and Lorenzo’s great dedication allowed the young man to be the first graduate of his family: «The emotion you feel when a goal is achieved is inexplicable», he commented.

“I can only thank and shout with joy for this victory! It is exciting to shout: I succeeded! Don’t give up on your dreams, we are all able to realize them, whether it’s a singer, an actor, a police officer, an administrator, a judge… Follow them! You will reach them, and you will continue to follow them. I have just started! I owe all this to the purse, but especially to my mother, who has always supported me and my brother and sister. Thank you for all you have done for us,” Lorenzo concluded.

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