After the daughter died, the father was cleaning her room, when he suddenly found something that made him cry

Just before Christmas, after her 12th birthday, British schoolgirl Athena Orchard justified herself in passing out. Frightened parents decided to examine their daughter. The doctors gave a disappointing diagnosis: bone cancer. Athena was successful, she received a successful, her hair completely fell out. After some time, the girl sadly passed away… After her death, her parents found something in her room that made them cry.

The girl wrote verses behind the mirror in her room, here are some of the verses: “You must value each day because you can wake up one day and know that you are sick and you are going to die”. Life is not bad unless you make it that way. Happiness depends on you, happiness is the path, not the end point.

Life is a very strange thing, nothing is permanent here, everything ends one day, people change” ․ With these lines, Athena is remembered not only by her family, but by the whole world, who read her lines and remember her.

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