Had you ever heard a fox laugh? Fluffy fox giggles heartily when she is tickled

Red fox Finnegan resides in central Minnesota’s SaveAFox Rescue Reserve. Everyone enjoys this unique little creature for his warmth and excitement in interacting with them, especially with his human “mom,” Mikayla Raines, who established this reserve.

Foxes like Finnegan are grown on “fur farms” or as pets for human consumption after being born in captivity. These foxes can’t be released into the wild since they are domesticated, not wild. Foxes that are captured or saved are placed in the SaveAFox Rescue Reserve. The company started operations in 2017. Since then, they have saved roughly 150 foxes from certain death.

Finnegan was an adult fox that was abandoned to a wildlife preserve after being abused. Finnegan the fox is happy and laughing despite the circumstances of his life. He adores Raines, his “foster mom,” and enjoys her hugs and kisses. Finnegan bursts out laughing whenever Raines touches him.

In the first moments of the video, Finnegan can be seen frantically trying to escape from his confinement. He approaches Raines and as she says, “We won’t go there,” he collapses to the ground and replaces Raines with his stomach. The fox laughs hysterically as she begins to stroke him.

Finnegan laughs until Raines stops petting him. He starts to chuckle again, though, when she puts her hand on him to rub him. He seems to be deathly afraid of being tickled!

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