Adoptive mother of two children with Down syndrome nails every note on AGT

America was in for a treat when the adoptive mother of two children with Down syndrome appeared on America’s Got Talent. Her enthusiasm and devotion to her family inspired audiences around the world and she received an enthusiastic response from the crowd.

Her children were filled with awe and pride as they watched their mother nail every note of Lady Gaga’s iconic classic. Her triumphant story inspires many parents with special children, proving that “love can conquer all obstacles”.

Her voice is truly amazing, stirring emotions in viewers and judges alike. Her rendition of “I’ll Never Love Again” brought the judges to tears and wonder. She even earned comparisons with Celine Dion for her impassioned performance.

She sings with a force, soul and conviction that can move even the hardest of hearts. Jeanick’s story proves that with dedication, practice and a dream, anything is possible.

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