“The Boy with the Pretty Eyes”: What did the Cat Man look like before numerous plastic surgeries?

Do you remember frequently seeing a man who resembled a cat person on TV shows in the 2000s? This American man underwent a shocking transformation of his appearance to imitate the appearance of a tiger through numerous plastic surgeries and other procedures. Dennis Avner, a programmer from Michigan and a descendant of the Huron and Lakota Indian tribes, tried to resemble his totemic animal, a cat

The media called him Cat Man, even though Dennis’ totemic name was “Stalking Cat,” and he preferred to be addressed that way. In his quest to become a tiger, Avner underwent several plastic surgeries. These included splitting his upper lip, modifying his eyebrows, adjusting his hairline, reshaping his teeth to resemble canines. Stalking Cat’s body and face were decorated with tattoos, and he wore yellow contact lenses with a cat’s eye insignia. He even added a mustache to his upper lip, which was secured by piercings.

Due to his extraordinary appearance and the way to achieve it, Dennis attracted significant media attention. He was frequently invited to television shows and interviewed. Stalking Cat himself said that he never kept track of the amount for his operations. He underwent them for spiritual growth and neglected their material costs. It’s nearly impossible to find a before picture of Cat-Man online. Avner kept his original appearance well hidden. However, there is a childhood photo in which he appears like an ordinary boy – innocent, with beautiful eyes.

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