Fights break out during the screening of the film Creed III in several French cinemas

The last episode of the Creed saga has been in theaters since Wednesday, March 1, but it is for another reason that Michael B. Jordan’s film is talking about him. Fights break out in several cinemas in France, but not only.

It should be a relaxing, escapist time at the movies that turned into chaos. Some spectators have confused the action that takes place on screen, in a ring, with reality.

Since its release in French cinemas on March 1, Creed III has attracted spectators who fight. Several incidents of this kind have been recorded in France, in Paris, Saint-Étienne, Thionville and Charleville-Mézières.

In all these cities, fights broke out during the screening of the American film which tells the story of Adonis Creed ( Michael B. Jordan ), boxer and former student of Rocky.

According to Le Figaro , which reports the news, the first incident took place on Friday March 3 at Pathé Quai d’Ivry, in Val-de-Marne. A fight suddenly breaks out between a spectator and a security guard. The scene is filmed and then published on Twitter, before being relayed en masse.

The police intervened in certain rooms in order to interrupt the brawls. At the same time, the screening of the film was also interrupted.

The Val-de-Marne incident is not an isolated case, others of the same kind have been recorded in various cinemas in France and even abroad, notably in Germany where a fight between 60 people broke out in Hamburg, reports the daily Build .

“ This kind of incivility has always existed, fortunately very rarely , specifies Marc Olivier Sebbag, general delegate of the National Federation of Cinemas, to Figaro. It is limited to one type of film, horror, action… We see the same excesses in countries other than France. We must be wary of social networks which amplify very very specific incidents. No increase in incivility has been observed ”.

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