In Paris, a street artist gives life to the rubbish on the streets

Bisk, a Parisian street artist, caused a sensation by offering a monstrous face to the piles of garbage that litter the streets of the capital.

Active for about twenty days, the garbage collectors’ strike in Paris, in response to the pension reform, has led to the influx of ever greater piles of garbage in the streets.

If the situation is not pleasant for anyone, an urban artist has found a way to exploit these monstrous trash cans that overflow the Parisian sidewalks. Indeed, Bisk saw in this chaotic pile of garbage a perfect support for these new artistic creations.

Whether they were crawling on the pavement or standing up against walls, overflowing garbage cans, this waste had enough to titillate Bisk’s creative spirit. So he decided to give them life by drawing faces on them, giving them a of monsters, because that’s the disgust that this garbage arouses in onlookers.

Spotting the right angle, they move the materials if necessary and then begin to graffiti the white eyes, with the black pupil. He then adds a mischievous smile to them, with teeth made from white cardboard, mirrors for brighter smiles, a crate or a polystyrene plate.

These artistic stagings are called pareidolia. It’s a kind of optical illusion that makes you think you see a face in the middle of the garbage.

An Amazon acronym can become an ironic eyebrow, when two symmetrical trash cans become a mustache, a cardboard taped in black transforms into a scar and a small red slide becomes a hanging tongue.

Obviously, this transformed garbage does not go unnoticed and passers-by appreciate being able to watch art take shape in the middle of this garbage that has been piled up for several weeks.

To see more of Bisk’s creations, we invite you to take a look at his Instagram account and you will see how much imagination he has in transforming Parisian trash cans.

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