A North Carolina woman who had 16 kids is now expecting again. She wants to have more kids

Families vary, and each one is unique, exceptional, and lovely in its own way. While some parents choose to have a large family, others particularly appreciate raising a small family.

The family in today’s tale is an illustration of how the most challenging efforts can produce the most heartwarming outcomes.

Carlos and Patty Hernandez stand out from other couples. They have a sizable household of 18 people living with them in North Carolina. There is seldom ever a dull day since there are always fresh difficulties, surprises, and unending excitement for the family.

The couple, who has 16 kids, supports their large family by operating a commercial cleaning company. The children’s names all start with the letter “C” in remembrance of their 39-year-old, hardworking, and devoted father, Carlos.

Patty, 40, has carried children for 14 years of her life. Six pairs of twins make up the ten daughters and six sons that she and Carlos had.

The siblings include Carlos Jr, Christopher, Carla, Caitlyn, Cristian, Celeste, Cristina, Calvin, Catherine, Caroll, Caleb, Caroline, Camilla, Charlotte, Crystal, and Clayton.

Clayton was born in May 2021, and Patty and Carlos claimed they had not ruled out having additional kids in the future. For the record, the Hernandez couple rose to fame in 2019, but since then, their family has grown by two additional infants.

Even though the mother of such a big family acknowledged that raising so many kids might be challenging, she was happy and grateful for the opportunity. Patty claimed that she became pregnant again roughly three months after her last pregnancy and that she always felt pleased during her pregnancies.

The thrilled mother provided an insight inside her family’s daily schedule in January 2019.

At eight in the morning, Patty would make a wholesome meal of cereal, waffles, or pancakes for the Hernandez family. After breakfast, the kids would practice their Christian devotions, which included singing, praying, and reading aloud.

The children who were attending school went shortly after, but Patty stayed at home to finish her duties and look after her little children. The working mother outlined:

Since I am free during their school hours, I attempt to complete everything during that period. I bring them all along when I have an appointment.

After school, the older kids finished their schoolwork, and they arrived at their homes around six. The entire family then sat down to supper, which comprised spaghetti, eggs, beans, and salad, at their sixteen-person table. The kids played a bit after dinner and until 8:30 when it was time for bed.

Although Patty and Carlos already have a large family, it appears that they are still planning to have more children since they are currently expecting their 17th child, a boy, who is due in March 2023.

The mother declared her intention to have an even number of children—ten males and ten girls. Patty boasted that she was extremely prolific and that she put her destiny in God’s hands. She remarked:

Although we’ve always wanted a large family, we never imagined that God would bless us so greatly.

Patty previously disclosed that she and Carlos planned to name their unborn kid Carter if a boy and Clair if a girl. The woman from North Carolina declared that she intended to carry on the custom of giving her future children names beginning with the letter “C.”

The Hernandez couple is pleased to be parents and is determined to keep going even though they never intended to have so many kids.

In reality, the devoted parents have switched from their 16-seat car to a 20-seat bus, which Patty uses to transport the children to school.

The couple said that despite the value of their property, they don’t worry about costs and put a lot of effort into providing for their kids. Patty claims that neither she nor her husband have ever used birth control. She remarked:

“I entrust God with everything. So be it if he wants us to become pregnant once more.”

The expectant mother admitted that she frequently faces criticism for her decisions but chooses to ignore them. Instead, she feels grateful for her family.

The Hernandez family lives in a big house with five bedrooms, where the smaller kids have a nursery with cots and the older kids have bunk beds.

Patty claims that she and Carlos spend close to £780 (about $895) each week on food, primarily for the children’s school lunches. Despite this, the couple hopes that after their 17th child, they will be lucky enough to have another.

Even though growing their family has been joyful, Patty has had to take on additional housework. She said she has encouraged the older kids to contribute and has given them daily jobs.

She said she washes a thousand items a week, folds them every other day for about five hours, and does laundry four times a week. Patty and Carlos adore their lovely family and wouldn’t have it any other way despite the difficulties and criticism.

We wish the Hernandez family all the best as they raise their adorable kids and live a happy, healthy, and gorgeous life together.

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