74-year-old grandma gets engaged to 27-year-old man and proves love knows no age

In Texas, a 74-year-old great-grandmother and a 27-year-old young man got engaged. Despite the gaze of others, they are happy and affirm that love has no age.

Kathi Jenkins is a 74-year-old woman who is the great-grandmother of 36 children. She recently got engaged to 27-year-old Devaughn Aubrey.

In total, 47 years separate the two lovers, but the couple fully assumes their age difference.

Kathi and Devaughn are madly in love and don’t listen to criticism. If their relationship was not immediately accepted by those around them, their family finally accepted the situation when they got engaged.

A couple 47 years apart
Kathi and Devaughn met in 2021 on the Adult FriendFinder dating site. They immediately fell in love with each other.

“She is so perfect for me ,” said the young man. She has a lot of experience and teaches me a lot of things. We never argue, we can always talk without shouting and I trust him completely. Never mind that she needed a walker, it never bothered me. Because of our age difference, people assume Kathi is rich and I want her money, which is not the case at all.”

Same story with the older woman, who says this relationship is the “healthiest” she’s ever had.

“No one has ever loved me this way. Devaughn is kind and supportive. He thinks I’m beautiful, talented and smart. I think we should all do what makes us happy regardless of what other people think. Some say it’s inappropriate, but we’re fine with it. If you love someone older, go for it, do what makes you happy ,” she said.

Although Kathi had four children, is the grandmother of 13 grandchildren and the great-grandmother of 36 great-grandchildren, she was never married. So the day she says “yes” to Devaughn will be a first for her. This will not be the case for the young man who already married when he was 24 years old. Anyway, this couple is fully happy and definitively proves that love has no age.

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