A homeless man found a bag of money and decided to return it to its owner: the owner turned out to be a millionaire

A 44-year-old Thai man named Waralop had a better life in the past. For several years, he lived under the station platform, doing odd jobs and eating whatever he found on the street. But one day, when he saw a bag of money on the platform, he decided not to experience karma, but to find the owner and return the find. To Varalop’s surprise, it turned out that the owner of the exchange was a millionaire, who very quickly decided to thank the man for his honesty.

The handbag, which looked like it had been dropped by a man in a hurry to catch the train, was clearly expensive even on the surface. The amount inside should have been impressive by homeless person’s standards, even inside – the purse was very heavy. Although Waralop himself only had 20 cents in his pocket, he decided without a doubt to take the find to the local police station without opening it. The police were very surprised at the return of the bag of money because the man could easily take it for himself and no one would ever find it. But they accepted the find and took stock: $550 and a lot of bank cards were in a wallet. It was not difficult for them to find the owner.

He turned out to be a successful young businessman who owns several factories producing metal structures. He was very surprised that not only was the wallet returned to him, but also that the homeless man who found it took nothing with him. Niti Pongkriangyos found Waralop and offered him $55 for the find, but the homeless man politely refused, saying he didn’t deserve it. Then the entrepreneur decided to thank him differently. Nity’s new offer was a job at his factory and a dormitory for workers that provided a roof over the heads of the homeless. Waralop accepted this offer and got a job with a salary of $300 per month. Here too he was honest and put a lot of effort into the factory.

The story was quickly published in local publications and the formerly homeless man became a national hero in Thailand. Today he works in a factory and is happy that a simple gesture completely changed his life.

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