At 91, he drives his great-granddaughter to school every day, and moves the web

“Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary for a child’s growth as vitamins” . This quote perfectly illustrates the relationship between this great-grandfather and his great-granddaughter.

Cuteness alert!

Eliodoro Maciel Centurión, 91, worships his great-granddaughter Genesis. The latter has set up a ritual that may warm your heart. Indeed, the nonagenarian accompanies the little girl every day to school before coming to pick her up.

The grandfather moves Twitter
This tender and moving moment was captured by a Twitter user. In the photograph, we see the grandfather in front of the gate of the establishment: “Every day, he waits for his granddaughter at the end of school. He is always the first. I love you grandfather unknown “ , can we read in the caption of the post.

Unsurprisingly, the post quickly went viral on the social network. In the comments, Internet users are full of praise for the old man from Paraguay.

According to media group Clarín, Eliodoro Maciel Centurión has been living with his great-niece for 22 years. Despite his advanced age, he does not lack dynamism. And the least we can say is that the latter has not had an easy life, as explained by a member of his family in an interview with a magazine.

“He lives with us. He’s my mother’s great-uncle. My little sister Genesis, 7, is the one you see in the photo. He always took me out for a snack when he left work on the weekends. He never had a family as he married young and after three years of marriage his wife was killed in an assault. His family mistreated him and that is why my mother offered him to live with us” .

The young woman confides that the grandfather loves taking care of little Genesis. He doesn’t hesitate to cross the town to drive her to school .


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