A Shih Tzu dog found in very poor condition finally tastes happiness after receiving the care she needed

Dolly was used for breeding and then cowardly abandoned because of her deplorable state of health. Luckily, she came across the right people who got her back on her feet. Since then she has met her new loving and caring masters.

Dolly is a 3 year old Shih Tzu type dog. She was found by a member of the public who gave her to the Blue Cross rehoming association in the town of Burford in England.

When she arrived, the young lady was in very bad shape. She weighed only 2.5 kilograms while an adult specimen of her race reaches at least 4 kilograms.

Besides, her fur was extremely tangled, which caused him painful skin tugging.

The animal doctor also diagnosed the unfortunate dog with severe dehydration and a seriously infected eye.

The organization’s volunteers immediately untangled and shaved Dolly’s hair. The young lady immediately felt uplifted.

At that time, the caretakers noticed that she had recently nursed a litter of puppies. A clue that indicated that Dolly must have been part of an unscrupulous breeding and that she had been abandoned due to her disastrous state of health.

“She was no longer useful for breeding and was therefore thrown away. It’s heartbreaking,” Hannah Wiltshire, director of the center, told Metro.

A few days after her arrival, Dolly underwent major surgery to remove her ruptured eyeball. Her pain finally behind her, the dog revealed her endearing personality.

Luckily, Jim and Pat, a couple who were desperately looking for a companion for their doggie Mitzi, saddened by the recent loss of his congener, fell in love with Dolly.

“2 years ago my wife and I had to put our Toby to sleep due to old age which left our Mitzi, who we had as a puppy, very lonely,” Jim confirmed.

Dolly has therefore integrated her new quarters. She adapted perfectly well to this cozy environment and bonded with her canine friend.

“She moved into our house like she owned the place. We can honestly say that she has improved our lives since she has been with us,” the master recounted.

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