Indre: A primary school adopts two kittens to empower students

In this school, the students share the classroom with… two kittens! The presence of felines helps children develop their concentration and empathy. A method that works wonderfully.

The primary school of Éguzon (Indre) is not an establishment like the others. Recently, the students have been sharing the classroom with two adorable red-haired kittens, report our colleagues from France Bleu. The presence of felines is due to an animal mediation project whose objective is to make children more focused and empathetic.

Unsurprisingly, the comings and goings of hairballs delight children. It must be said that the quadrupeds have an endearing personality: “They are cute, they are nice and they come to see us all the time”, confides a pupil of CM2.

“ They play with our pens, they lie on our coats. When they are happy, they purr! “, explains another schoolboy.

The kittens are also unanimous within the teaching staff, in particular with Sophie Grenon, the director of the school: “ We are all more or less gaga in the school . It is true that everyone is very, very happy. They are adorable kittens. This is happiness “.

Kittens develop students’ concentration
The little cats – named Asterix and Obelix – are gradually getting used to their new environment. They walk from class to class and do not hesitate to jump on desks. Their favorite activity? Lie on the students’ knees. The duo also cohabits with three hens and three rabbits. The barnyard animals live in an enclosure where they are visited by schoolchildren.

“Animal mediation is a process by which we try to promote children’s concentration and empathy when they are responsible for animals . They must also take care of their well-being. It’s not just going to throw a handful of seeds to the hens, it’s to check that everything is fine (…) The children show great seriousness and even maturity ” , specifies the school director.

This teaching method allows children with learning difficulties to show seriousness and application: ” It allows you to really work on human qualities and it is something that is also important to develop and learn at school” , continues Sophie Grenon.

During class, the students can’t help petting the two kittens while working: “I try not to look at them too much because I don’t want to bother them. But it’s so cute! So I caress them and I do my job with them,” says little Naomie.

As you will have understood, Asterix and Obelix bring a breath of fresh air and a breath of fresh air to the school. The latter will spend the school holidays in the establishment. The teachers will take turns taking care of them.

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