Girl weighing 130 kg married a slender student from Nigeria

Irina Sirotina, at the age of 29, had not the best baggage: a failed relationship with a foreigner, several tens of extra pounds and depression. But fate threw Ira a pleasant surprise.

After parting with the Italian who had deceived the girl, Irina fell into depression and did not even think about a new relationship, but accidentally found a message from a dating site on an e-mail. Sirotina did not register there, but for the sake of interest she opened the letter and found out that the Nigerian Emmanuel Oja had written to her. The girl decided to chat with the guy to learn English, and then say goodbye.

But he didn’t have to improve his language: Emmanuel was fluent in Russian and lived not in Nigeria, but in Russia, where he studies at a university. On the dating site, Sirotina and Oja exchanged personal contacts and continued to communicate. And after a couple of months, Emmanuel decided to come to Irina’s hometown – Ufa.

When they met, the couple kissed. Irina recalls that then she felt like a schoolgirl who kissed for the first time. The first meeting was unforgettable, the young people spent some time together, and then Emmanuel again left for Belgorod to continue his studies. Ira worked as a hairdresser in Ufa.

Relations at a distance developed rapidly: the couple corresponded on social networks and instant messengers, called up and communicated via video link. During the next meeting on March 8, while watching a romantic movie, the guy asked: “Would you marry me?”. Ira hesitated and answered positively. Although it is difficult to call such a question a full-fledged marriage proposal, this does not affect feelings in any way.

And when Oja received a diploma, the young people signed. True, the spouse’s relatives could not attend the celebration due to the Ebola epidemic that broke out in Nigeria. But at the first opportunity, the husband and wife themselves went to an African country.

Her husband’s relatives greeted Irina cordially and affably. And her weight even pleased them, because in Nigeria it is believed that a large woman is ideal for procreation and bearing children. Ira and Emmanuel spent two years in Africa, and the girl remembers this time happily.

Then the couple moved to Ufa, where they plan to gain financial stability and have offspring. The couple dreams of a daughter and son, whom they want to name William and Victoria. 4 years flew by unnoticed, and Ira and Emmanuel truly love each other: she gives him personalized cakes for birthdays, and he presents flowers (although this is not customary in his homeland). Both are happy and incredibly glad that fate brought them together.

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