The girl was teased at school. Soon she grew up and was able to give everyone a valid answer

This story is about Diane Frick, an Australian who has been overweight all her life.

She would feel comfortable if it weren’t for the teasing of her friends, who constantly told her that she had very curly hair, was overweight and wore glasses.

Sure, it was offensive to Diane, but she didn’t show it, she thought it would only make the situation worse.

The girl fully understood that she needed to lose weight, but she did not want to change anything in her life, because she was simply too lazy.

The girl had no friends at all, but she tolerated it, thinking that it was decided so.

Diane grew up, graduated from college with honors, got a well-paying job, bought a nice house, an expensive car, and even dated a young man.

The girl was happy with everything, but one day she saw a fitness bikini competition where the girls competed.

She was very inspired and decided that she should change and participate too.

Diane corrected her diet, went to the gym and gave up junk food.

In 4 months, Diane lost 18 kg, she began to love herself.

The girl realized that she could look good all these years, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

That’s what she regrets, but now she seems to be reborn again.

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