A Man Builds His Second Noah’s Ark The Size Of Which Is Equal To The Biblical Ark

Several expeditions have searched for Noah’s Ark, the vessel that enabled Noah and his family to escape the Flood that came to rest on the biblical Mount Ararat.

But nowadays too, there are men trying to build the replicas of Noah’s ark.

Almost thirty years ago a Dutch man named Johan Huibers decided to build an ark.

But eventually he got down to business after reading a passage from the Bible to his children about the Flood and Noah’s Ark.

Huibers told Euro News he had dreamed of building a closed vessel for a long time, from the age of 24, because of the nightmare he had about the big floods that were happening in the Netherlands.

This construction would allow him to escape the waters with his family as Noah had done.

According to Bored Panda, he made the first version of his own ark in 2006.

Although his wife did not agree with her husband’s project at all, Johan Huibers began to build the ship according to Old Testament schemes.

He was able to finish his job, but it was only half of the biblical ark.

Recently, Johan Huibers set about building his second, more sophisticated Noah’s Ark, a reproduction of a real Noah’s Ark equal in size to the ark of the Bible.

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