This talented dog likes to sing a duet when he hears his owner’s voice

All dogs are beautiful, but there are those with a special talent that people don’t often notice.

This Australian cattle dog, called Sidon, is a true example of a brilliant dog. He is great since he is not only a devoted and lively dog, but also a gifted singer. What this capable animal does best is sing a duet with its master.

Sidon has a big advantage over other dogs because his owner is a well-known and very talented singer.

His voice is reminiscent of those of the biggest stars of the 1990s. When Henri goes on a trip with his four-legged friend, the dog sings a duet after his favorite song, performed by his owner, is broadcast.

As he drives and his dog sits in the seat beside him, Henri sings one tune after the other.

When Sidon hears his owner sing, he is waiting for his favorite tune.

After the broadcast of his adorable song that his owner sings, the dog begins to sing in duet.

He accompanies her by giving his interpretation of the song with his head raised. It is always an admirable sight.

First there are soft moans coming from the dog, then, more and more, he raises his voice and we hear a melody from his canine throat. It’s so nice to listen!

And each time, the dog sings a duet when his favorite song is played for his friend’s interpretation. They are both brilliant, the singer Henri and his dog Sidon.

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