He builds a bed on wheels for his elderly dog ​​so that she can continue to walk by the sea

In the United States, the photo of a man walking his elderly dog ​​on a wheeled bed has moved the web.

In February 2021, the beach of Virginia Beach (United States) was the scene of a particularly moving scene. A man was spotted walking his dog on a wheeled bed.

This touching spectacle was immortalized by Carrie Copenhaven, a local resident. Moved, the young woman shared the snapshot on her Facebook account. Unsurprisingly, her post garnered over 20,000 likes and thousands of comments.

The next day, the owner of the animal, named Tom Antonio, was very touched when he discovered the photograph on social networks. In an interview with American media on Monday, April 5, he told his story.

Tom Antonio was the proud owner of Cocoa, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. The canine was considered a full member of the family until its death.

The furball loved to walk along the Atlantic Ocean. Due to her advanced age (14 years old), Cocoa had difficulty getting around. In recent years, the dog had trouble standing on her feet.

Owner puts his dog’s bed on wheels so she can walk around
Faced with this situation, her masters refused to deprive her of her daily walks. Tom and his wife had the idea of ​​installing his bedding on wheels. Thanks to this system, Cocoa continued to do what she loved the most: admire the ocean and the sunsets.

As you will have understood, its owners have done everything possible to offer it an end worthy of the name. The dog, who lived in the state of Georgia, multiplied the walks aboard her bed on wheels.

Alas, she died a few days after the photo was published. His disappearance leaves a great void in the hearts of the masters. However, his joie de vivre will always remain etched in their memory.

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